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Alright…It’s time to unwrap the cellophane, kick off the jeans, and get to work.

 I am 17, a junior at a high school somewhere in the south. Probably somewhere you have never been or even heard of. That’s right, I am a southern boy born and bred. Do not confuse me for a DEEP southern teenage guy though. I do not have the accent, the camo, nor do I have a major fetish for hunting. I live in North Carolina, and believe it or not Nicholas Sparks has not written a book that takes place here. You will learn the rest about me through my following posts.

I have four sisters and one brother. To save my head from detachment I will change their names. My oldest sister, BB, is almost a decade older than me and hates when I remind her that she is getting old…even though 25 isn’t very old at all, but of course she can’t see that. Can you say melodramatic? My brother, Achilles, is about six years my senior, but I still consider him my best friend. Reader, whoever you are, have you ever seen Just Friends? Well if you have, that is about how intense my brother and I fight, or fought, but for the most part we haven’t broken too many bones.

In attempt to describe my other three sisters, lemme direct your attention to the 90’s movie “Hocus Pocus,” with Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker. In the movie there are three sister witches, the Sanderson Sisters; Winifred, Mary and Sarah. My second oldest sister, let’s call her Winifred, has the very same personality. When juxtaposed they have very few dissimilarities. Delving into the movie here she is

“Thackary: You hag! There are not enough children the world to make thee young and beautiful.
Winifred: Hag?
Mary: Uh oh.
Winifred: Sisters, did you hear what he called you? Whatever shall we do with him?

Almost as if she actually said it. Are you catching what I’m saying? Sarah, who is my third oldest sister, is quite a ditz and very much a blonde. Enough said. Mary, my younger sister; she is corky and likes to smell things… also she can even be a much larger ditz than my sister Sarah.

So there you have it! I have a melodramatic sister, a Greek legend for a brother, and three Sanderson witches for sisters as well. Who am I in this circus of acts? I have no idea.

Αναστασία (Anastasia) I have dubbed to be my mother. For one, the name Anastasia means “she who will rise up again,” and because my mother could very well be of royal birth simply on the fact she refuses to give in to anything or anyone. Jack is the name I have dubbed for my father. Mainly because it means “man” and well no one can deny the fact that my Dad is in fact a man. Anastasia and Jack divorced 7 years now and still cannot stand the sight of the other.

That my fellow bloggers, readers, and first timers is my beginning to this blog. Catching A Scent of Salt… Well it’s up to fate at the moment. Whatever spills over these “pages,” may force my sister’s hands to beheading me, but I guess we will have to see.

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