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Deck my head with a halo. I lost my virginity today. Well… my virginity as a blood donor. And I am feeling very saint-like at the moment, a high I can only associate with the knowing that today I have saved three lives. Not bad for a day’s work. And after I got passed the initial jitters of doing something for the first time I was hit with the anxiety of having a physical. I have never had a physical done before, I go to a high school where there are no sports, but I have heard the horror stories. Maybe it is different for women; I mean they have a natural doctor they go to once they have their first period and an annual visit afterwards. Or at least that is what my four sisters do. I was not ready to be stripped searched and “filled-up” while someone asked me to cough. So you can imagine, when they told me it was a mini-physical- finger prick here, blood pressure there…nothing too revealing- well I was relieved of my pre-donation jitters. I think I will leave my first time in the buff to be with a girl of my choice, when I choose, and hopefully not before.

I was Mickey Mouse this weekend. Mickey Mouse, in a decked out 21st century outfit. Near where I am living they had a national Disney Channel talent search, and I went. Of course, from what I could see I was one of the few seventeen year olds there. The talent search called for 10-17 years of age, I was one of the few to receive the message. I arrived sometime around 8:30 in the morning, auditions did not start till 9am, and already there was hundreds of people were already there. I arrived early, you know…to get the worm, and well it seems 3, 949 other people had the same idea. I was number 3,950…Go Figure. There were kids from all over the U.S, all looking like puberty was still a foreign and imaginary concept. Sometimes I think it is still foreign to my body, mainly because at the most inopportune moments my voice cracks and it does not go unnoticed.  Yes, parents ran around with their heads just about to go pop! as they frantically taught and drilled the lines into their children’s heads. And I, with my feet propped up on the chair in front of me, took one look at the monologue and had it. I had it memorized, to the point where I knew which syllables of a word I would stress, within a matter of 5 minutes. The following 2 hours were dull and not noteworthy. In the end, I went in a room with nine other kids and we all read the same monologue to a woman sitting on the opposite side of the room- and she, legit, smiled at me during the entire thing. I was not sure if a cougar thing was going on, but that was the first time an older woman had smiled at me like that. It didn’t make me feel sick or anything, it actually made me a little excited. Who knows?

 On another note and not to recreate the feeling of last week with my post about Autumn, but I have news. My Mother will be with me this Thanksgiving. The past two or three Thanksgivings she has been almost completely absent, not by her own fault, but by custody senselessness. So over the weekend I asked if I could prepare the entirety of Thanksgiving dinner, dessert and all. “You aren’t going to cook anything healthy!” was the initial response I received from Beverly. However after some pushing I got the delayed “yes…” Through my mother’s recipes, and her mother’s, and her mother’s mother many many recipes I will be preparing a Feast. Anastasia, my mom, will exist through the hand written recipes that I have always pondered upon. And she will be there through the many dishes I have come to love and expect every Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Of course, the food and the handwritten recipes are not as good as having the real and actual person there talking and laughing. As I said last week, Anastasia is an unbelievable cook; at times I have come to the conclusion that she must have been some sort of witch in her past life. With a flick of her fingers and whiff of her great hot pot boiling on the stove, she knows what is needed without a single taste or even look. We have a Witch in the family.