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Karma is a bitch just as much as genetics. Oh and how I despise them both. And at the same time I love the very thought of them. I love the fact that I have my Mother’s eyes, nose, and freckles, and so on. And I love the fact that there is some cosmic force to ensure that if a bitch is a bitch, then they get what they deserve. Pardon my French. Genetics and Karma, they art relentlessness, kind when they see fit, but cruel on their swaying whim. Ugh.

For those of you that do not know my medical history, which is probably most of you, here is a little insight. I was born… with a hole in my heart. Easily fixed, it healed in no time. I shoved my two front teeth, both permanent teeth, back up into my gums. Curse my fear for Spiders! Had my finger slammed in the sliding door of my family’s old van. Got my index finger caught in an umbrella, which I now sport the scar…it looks like either a crescent moon or an orange slice. My left leg now bears the scar of when I flew my bike into a pile of rocks in which I partially cut the skin off of my leg, it hung on. There is the dime scar on my butt, where Achilles shot me with a BB gun in the same place…twice. On my lip is the white scar of…well I am not exactly sure how I got it, but it’s there. Behind my left ear is the slowly disappearing scar from the surgery I had on my ear for a cyst that was eating the bone and exposing my facial nerve. If they hadn’t got it when they did, the entire left side of my face would have been paralyzed. Wow. Today, however, I am on my way to be tested for Diabetes. Curse my body!

I do not have a fear of Diabetes. My mind set is I am going to be one Awesome Diabetic and I wonder what nickname Winifred will concoct for this medical issue. When I lost about 90% of my hearing in my left ear, which is still pretty much the same, she dubbed me Helen Keller. How creative. I don’t hate the nickname, it makes me laugh. We have our own means of communicating.

So as I sit here behind this computer screen, with my various medical issues, I am thanking God. Well thanking God for Febreze. Apparently my shoes smell atrocious this morning. So I have sprayed them down with Apple Spice Febreze and placed paper towels in the inside…Hopefully that will hold for today.