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I smell children. And not in the creepy way either. The lanes are aglow, front porches decked in gruesomely butchered pumpkins and spooky upon spooky decorations. Maybe a skeleton here and a blood thirsty zombie eating brains there. Who knows? Tonight is full of possibilities. Tonight Religious Nuts will hail Holy Water at every passerby and little children, dressed head-to-toe in dazzling new costumes, will run rampant as they stray from their parents watchful gazes. But also, tonight is the night where more than ever the creeps come out to play.

Every year you always hear the horror stories of a little child going missing or someone biting into a piece of candy and in that mound of sugar is a razor or a needle. So yes, tonight is when the creeps come out. Perhaps it is not as bad as the story of a man taking children into his house and doing whatever his sick mind imagines. But the threat always exists.

But ditch the spooky stories for a night. Do not let them put a damper on your Halloween. Go get chocolate wasted with your kids or get wasted with your friends at some Halloween themed party, tonight is full of possibilities and they don’t have to be life-threatening or bone rattling. So soak up the decorations, costumes, and wide-eyed gazes as kids dump out their candy on the floor and trade with their fellow siblings. It is going to be another year until these festivities pick up again, don’t waste it! Unless your Wal-Mart and put out the candy and decorations a month in advance.

So have a Happy Halloween everyone and be safe!