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2014 is the year of my shifting tide. The bringing of 2014 will mean quite a lot for me in fact. A year of change. A year of reckoning. And a year of new found freedom.

A year signified by change. It will be the year that my life changes for the better or for the worse. 2014 is the year of my eighteenth birthday. 2014 is the year that I move away from home. 2014 is the year that I will spend my last Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, my siblings birthdays, with my family before I head off to college the following fall. 2014 is the year that I start my Senior year of High School. 2014 is unknown, there are few certainties, but the more mysterious the better.

A year to be reckoned. In the following year I can only assume that I will be booming with enthusiasm. Anticipating the waking of my newly bred freedom. Of course I will also be looking back on the years past and wondering how they passed so quickly and without pause to relish those moments that I look upon so fondly. I will be counting myself lucky. I have experienced life so profoundly that I regret nothing. I was here for the shifting of the Millennia- not many will be able to say that soon. I have experienced a life surrounded by some of the greatest people I will ever know and some of the people I will hold close to my heart until I am put beneath the earth and sent onward and upward.

A year decorated in my newly found freedom. I silently anticipate the moment I morph from child to adult. I relish the moments where my sisters get sappy and complain about how they will miss me too much and it will all be sad once I am gone- It’s a comforting feeling to know that you will be missed. It always is. The moment where I look in the rearview mirror at my home and know that I will never truly live there again. It will all be different. Everything will change.

So on the crest my shifting tide are the few goals that I have put together over the years and the goals I am expected to complete:

1. Attend the AADA (American Academy of Dramatic Arts) summer intensive in either LA or NYC….haven’t decided which one yet.

2. Hopefully *fingers crossed* I will be ripped. Tall, Dark, Muscular, and just plain sexy…not too much to ask for.

3. Apply to AADA via Early Admissions…AND GET ACCEPTED!

4. Turn Eighteen. (Which is not really a goal considering it will happen one way or another) Must be amazing, cannot be mediocre, and I must be a little wasted by the end of it…Don’t tell anyone.

5. Hopefully I will have my first car and hopefully it will not be a beat up piece of junk.

6. Act. Model. Write. Read. And fall into my new life screaming with pure excitement.

7. Take about a thousand steps closer to being the youngest actor to receive the Oscar for Best Actor.

8. Spend a hell of a lot more time with my relatives and with Achilles (who I see every now and then, not the best for brothers)

9. Grow those last few inches to beat Achilles’ height, 6’3″- I will reach it and beyond!

10. Find my way.

Like I said, 2014 has many possibilities and very few certainties. But who wants certainty? Uncertainty. I like that better.