Behind The Scenes

Contrary to what others believe, I bleed gold. I have skin of iron. I woo women with my deep blue eyes and masculinity. I am a dynamic figure often seen lifting cars off infants and helping poor old grannies across busy streets. When I was an infant my mother dipped me by my ankle into the River of Styx. I am a light in the darkness to those who have lost their way; I am a saving grace.

Here is all you need to know about me:

I have 5 siblings (I am #5 of 6) In pecking order it goes: BB, Achilles, Winifred, Sarah, Your’s Truly, and Mary.1342762762776_791742

I am a Scorpio. By definition I am stubborn and have emotional strength like no other.


I have an obsession with books and movies. Give me a good book, a real book, and I will never put it down and reread it multiple times. Same thing with a movie, I will re-watch it constantly.


I am going to write the next Great American Novel and receive the Oscar for Best Actor… and be the youngest to receive it too.


I am dynamic. Many describe me as extraneous. In other words, I crack jokes like a whip… I am quick and witty. Also, I am always talking.

I have a tendency to lose my train of thought quickly. My mind is a maze and there is hardly ever a filter between what I think and what I say. Straightforward, but not always to the point. Sometimes I just get lost in the middle of what I am saying.

I have one very large phobia. Spiders. Arachnophobia. Ickkk. I lose any sense of masculinity and shriek like a girl being chased by an ax murderer.


Go figure.

*All names in this blog have been changed to allow anonymity!



Beverly…My Dad’s girlfriend

Thing 1 and Thing 2… Beverly’s monstrous children

Lilith…Beverly’s creepy Mother


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